Mobile Education: The Tripping Blocks

The mobile wave that has ushered in this decade is nothing short of a history being created. The fact that it has handled every element of life makes it generally acceptable. Mobile Cheats Education is not left behind and several companies want to use mobile platform to provide a variety of education services. However, if anything to go by, the success is far-flung and no path breaking way has been found that would make mobile a genuine education device. This article tries to pay attention to the limitations that are effecting the success of mobile education.

Screen Size
The largest mobile phone in terms of screen size is Dell Skills that has 5 inch display. However, still an average mobile phone screen is no more than 2. 8 in .. Students are used to reading from pages that are larger in size. Hence, reading on 2. 8 in . screen is never comfortable. The screen of mobile phone is optimized for small text.

Processing power limitations
Unless a few mobile phones, most of the cellular phones have slow processors. These processors are incompetent at running animated graphics or digital content effectively. Desktop computers and laptops do not face such difficulty and therefore have become a preferred medium for online learning.

Fragmented nature of Mobile OS IN THIS HANDSET platforms
Application developers find it extremely difficult to develop applications that can be run on all mobile os’s. Imagine a class with 30 students and some having Nokia phones, others with Blackberries, and some using Androids. This is a real life issue that most of the education providers are grappling with.

Education is always considered as a site which is there for the masses. Hence, in many cases, education is affordable for a large number of students across the different economic strata. There is no doubt that devices such as iphone can be used for mobile education. Unfortunately, not many can afford to buy an iphone.

Lack of government support
Present day governments haven’t yet understood that education in 21st century is no longer restricted inside the buildings of schools, colleges, and universities. New modalities of imparting education attended up and mobile is one of them. Unless the governments around the world realize this and set aside resources, the mobile education will not succeed.

Even though companies are talking about phones just $30, they will never be optimized for education. The answers to the barriers, mentioned above, are hard to find. Even the much touted projects such as OLPC (One laptop per child) haven’t gotten to bring a paradigm shift in the filed of education.

The time has come to change our approach and focus on the innovative products that are getting into the market. Yes! PILLS! ipad, Galaxy Bill and many other touch screen pills that can change the game altogether. The quality of interactivity on touch devices is extremely high. Moreover, institutions can develop highly engaging and effective educational content. The fact that they can also run web content makes them much more appealing.

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