Online Shopping, Credit cards and Identity Theft

I’ve never shopped online before. Although I’ve heard many stories of fantastic finds and successful transactions, I’ve never been sold into the idea. Possibly that we would not be enticed into such a digital transaction because of many reasons. One of them is that I’ve always put a lot of value into human interaction. гидра не работает I would rather go out on afternoon shopping into an outlet shopping mall, department store or even tiny accessories. I think it would be wonderful if i could spend some of my time in admiring the pretty things behind glass tables. And I could definitely see where my money goes as opposed to online shopping.

Aside from possible fraud and scams in sketchy web stores, there’s also a threat of identity theft. That’s definitely something to discourage me. Although I’ve been repeatedly assured that there are reputable web stores which exist in the vast field of the Internet, I’m still not obsessed about the idea. Perhaps it is my cautious nature or perhaps its fear but there’s something that definitely holds me back. I am also not interested in curing myself from this fear because in nowadays, it is best to be safe than sorry.

Have you ever heard of credit card thefts? Isn’t it scary to consider the possibility that when someone steals that small plastic card from you, they also endanger your financial stability? With the advent of the Internet, it is so much safer to do your shopping online. You can actually take care of your instalments for your bills, your orders and even your mail. Possibly not to leave your house at all. It sounds so convenient that you can take care of all your businesses at home but it’s not necessarily a good thing. After all, if we put so much faith in technology then we forget that even technology can fail us. We give it so much power over us that we’re almost helplessly crippled without it. Who has heard of computer accidents? If your computer seems to lose all of your important data then you’re lost. Who has heard about cyber-terrorist? They can get inside your accounts, steal your details and then use it for their own purposes.

The internet is like a hydra. When we cut off its head, two can grow in its place. We must be careful in putting our lives exactly in danger. Something that can be as simple as shopping be capable of turning into a potentially dangerous activity. This is not paranoia that’s talking. It’s just simple common sense. Think about it. If you pay the tough luck digits, your address and your cell phone number to a sketchy or suspicious web page then you’ve already revealed a vital part of your identity. Even if it’s not always the case, identity thefts happen when perpetrators get a hold on tight your important info. They can do any situation that they want.

That is why I’ve never frustrated to go online. I’d rather go to a shopping mall.

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